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 Given name
 Date of Birth
 Place of Birth
 Nationality CH ( ½ Ukrainian, ¼ Swiss, ¼ Italian :-)
 Languages German / Russian
 Height 158 cm
 Weight 46 kg
 Hobbies Track and field, Ballet, Swimming
 First carts 2012 CRG Puffo 2013 CRG Rotax 2014 Topkart LKE
 Club Team Mauro Pozzi
 Chassis 2019 Exprit
 Motor IAME Reedster
 Helmet Arai
 Helmet Design Luckydesign
 Overalls/Embroidery OMP / ran4you
 Roll model Ayrton Senna
 Main Sponsor Nong Nooch Garden
 Photos Bemaphotos